Professional mastering by

Daniel Söderberg

My goal is to make your music sound as good as possible, while keeping or even enhancing the feeling you want to express with it.

Järna, Stockholm, Sweden


I do mastering for digital platforms, vinyl and CD. The release will be prepared with all meta-data and info which might be needed for your release. Up to 2 free revisions included.

stem mastering

With this service, I may be able to improve some details with better precision. I also do have a few really nice analog and digital summing options, which often add a nice touch! Unless the music was mixed by a pro, we almost always get better end results with this alternative.

Except for my main services, I may also help with some other audio-related things. For example, podcast mastering, cleaning out noises,
vocal processing, etc.

indie mastering

This is a mastering service for those who would like to save a few bucks. In short, you will get a good master for cheap!

coaching sessions

Do you feel stuck in your production game? Can't get your music to sound good? I'll help you level up!


I'll listen to your music, take notes about what I'm hearing and missing from the mix and/or arrangement, and then send you comments and/or suggestions on how to improve.


Hi, I'm Daniel, a mastering engineer based in Järna/Stockholm/Sweden.

As a fellow musician, I understand the importance of making sure your music captures the message and emotion you want to convey. That's why my main goal is to help you achieve the best possible sound for your music, without losing any of the feeling or vibe that makes it unique.

Now, you might be wondering why you should choose me over the other mastering services out there. Well, I take pride in being serious about mastering. I work in one of the finest mastering rooms in northern Europe, and I'm only mentioning that because it does make a positive difference in your audio.

On top of that, I've been mastering since 2012 and have learned from some of the most skilled professionals in the industry. With my experience and qualifications, I can help you bring out the best in your music.

I understand that being a musician is all about expressing yourself and connecting with your audience. That's why I'm passionate about what I do. When you choose me as your mastering engineer, you can rest assured that I'll do everything in my power to make sure your music sounds its best and reaches its full potential.

So if you're looking to take your music to the next level and create a final product that perfectly captures your artistic vision, let's work together. I'm excited to help you make your music sound amazing and stand out from the crowd.


For questions about booking, my services or maybe you would like to just ask me something about mastering. Don't be shy! 😉


If you have any questions about my services which I don't cover here,
then please send me a message 🙂

All. I can even help you with cleaning up recorded speech and other things.

I’ve had mentors who are some of the best at working with different genres (for example classical, rock, EDM, techno, world music, jazz, dubstep etc.) and also different styles of mastering (purist, creative and experimental in different ways), so I got a thorough understanding on how to handle just about anything you throw at me. Even some very special genres like, for example, IDM, black metal, synthwave, and neurofunk.

Yes! I include two revisions for free. One for the cheaper “indie” service. That should be enough 😉

I’ll do a revision! If we are still not in a good place after a first revision, we can book a call or just write a few more mails/messages so I can understand more exactly what you are looking for.

For me, this isn’t only a technical “one way to do it” type of work and taste really does matter. Sometimes we need to communicate so I understand what you want to express with your music.

The most important thing is that you are happy with the result by the end of this process!

While it sure is possible to go into mixing territory with stem mastering, that is not what it is all about. For me, this has nothing to do with changing levels, adding effects or changing “the mix”.

I offer stem mastering because I started working with indie/bedroom artists who mostly learned mixing through trial and error, books and/or online videos. Many of these customers really don’t have the skills or listening environment to, for example, do a good job de-essing vocals, sculpt the low end or filter out weird resonances from their guitar recordings.

If I receive about 3-8 stems, I can do changes like these in a very transparent and nice way in a very short time. Sure, it is often possible to do this on a stereo track, but it will rarely end up sounding as good.

I’m all in for both alternatives!

Many have read or heard that a mastering engineer should only use an EQ and maybe a limiter. In most cases, I’m sorry to say that this is most often based upon a cute idea, and not from experience. But in some rare cases, that is enough! The better mix I receive, the cleaner master I will do.

If I feel there is, for example, room to do some subtle changes to make the music express more/stronger feelings in some way and I feel that may be a good thing for the song, then I will. For me, the end result is so much more important than a theoretical point of view.

Now that plugins are starting to sound really good, there is, in my opinion, still a big difference in sound against a well calibrated hardware chain. Most ITB vs OTB videos you will find on youtube really doesn’t make the hardware justice, even though the hardware still almost always sound better. Why? Well, most people don’t know how to setup a good hardware chain. It is more to it than just connect a hardware unit to a set of converters. Details like converter quality, using good sounding amps to gain stage the hardware, cabling, clean electricity and how different electronic designs work together in the chain does all make a difference. Several subtle changes quickly adds up.

With that said, there are some digital tools that is just plain amazing and I use some of the best ones when needed, but it is very rare that I don’t use any analog hardware during a mastering session.

Some mastering engineers take pride in doing a very quick job, but I’m sorry to say that is really not my style. Don’t get me wrong here, I do work pretty fast so I don’t get used to the sound of the mix, but I do not want to skip important details. I want to listen carefully to the music, do some planned changes and then try a few more things, for example try with different sounding units, maybe write some automations etc. I also like to take regular brakes to rest my ears so I can hear all the details more clearly. All of this does take more time and for this work, I really do not want to rush things. I want to deliver better sounding results!

Still, for an extra fee, I may be able to deliver the master much faster than usual. I would in that case get a babysitter for the kids and work overtime.

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