I can help you with
preparing your music for the big release.

improving the sound quality of your music.

enhancing the message of your art.

removing noise from your recordings.

About Me

Hi, I am Daniel, a mastering engineer based in Järna/Sweden. Nice to meet you!

How can I help you?

I will make sure that the message and feeling you want to express with your music come through, sounding as good as possible at the end of the process.

But, there are many others offering mastering services nowadays. Why choose me?

First of all, I’m serious about this. I got one of the best sounding and best equipped rooms in northern Europe.

I do not mix or produce anymore since I focus on being the best mastering engineer I can ever be and those other tasks stop me from reaching that goal.

I master because I genuinely care about making your music sound better. Standing on stages and all of that is a lot of fun, but I prefer being one of the guys in the background who supports you into being the star!

Mastering Services

I do mastering for most digital platforms, vinyl or CD. The release will be prepared with all meta-data and info which might be needed for your release. Up to 2 free revisions included.

Investment per track, 1-4 tracks, 70 EUR / 75 USD / 700 SEK incl VAT
Investment per track, 5+ tracks, 60 EUR / 60 USD / 600 SEK incl VAT

Indie Mastering

This is a mastering service for those who would like to save a few bucks. Here are the main differences:
* I will not spend as much time on it as I would do on a full master. This may affect the result, but you can still count on a good quality master!
* It may take a longer time for you to get the finished master. This is a low cost, low priority service.
* I will only include one free revision.

Investment depending on the scope of the project. Contact me for more info!

Stem Mastering

With this service, I may be able to improve some details with better precision. I also do have a few different really nice analog and digital summing options, which often add a nice touch! Unless the music was mixed by a pro, we almost always get a better end result with this alternative.

Since my setup is always ready for stem mastering, the cost will only be a tiny increase for this extra service.

Investment per track, 1-4 tracks, 85 EUR / 90 USD / 850 SEK incl VAT
Investment per track, 5+ tracks, 75 EUR / 80 USD / 750 SEK incl VAT

All the gear I use is regularly checked, calibrated and serviced if needed and in great quality. I use high quality cables and a huge power audiophile grade conditioner/filter/superbox for powering up all the most important hardware (simpler conditioners and filters for the rest).


ATC SCM 110ASL PRO, the late 2019 version
Focal Utopia, nice over ear headphones
Audeze LCD-i4, open planar IEMs
JH Audio Angie, simple but fantastic IEMs
Violectric HPA V281 – Headphone amp

Mastering consoles + converters

Manley Backbone
2400Audio Imperium
Crane Song HEDD Quantum
2x Dangerous Music Convert8
Dangerous Music Convert AD+
Mytek Brooklyn DAC+
Tegeler Konnektor


Buzz Audio REQ 2.2 MEA, with a few modifications
Manultec Orca Bay
Tube Tech HLT-2AM
Bettermaker Mastering EQ
Hendyamps Michelangelo Mastering, with some modifications
Hand Crafted Labs Tesval
Retro Instruments 2A3
Tegeler Créme RC
Stam Audio EQP1A
Elysia Niveau filter (in Elysia Alpha)


Elysia Alpha
Knif Pure Mu
Stamchild SA670
SPL Iron
Tegeler Créme RC
Tegeler Magnetismus 2


Bettermaker Mastering Limiter
Pendulum PL-2

Coloring/saturation devices

Whitestone Audio P331
Sonic Farm Berliner
Tegeler Magnetismus 2

External Summing

Dangerous Music 2bus+
Burl B32 Vancouver

Power and cabling

Very high quality power reconditioner, filtering system and power distributors.

Audio cabling: Purist Audio, AudioQuest, Ixos Ixotica, MTI, Apogee Wyde Eye & Mogami Gold

Power cabling: Electra Glide Ultra Khan II The Statement R, Acoustic Zen El Nino, Isotek Evo3 Premier, AudioQuest, Wireworld


Studio One Pro 5.x
Steinberg Wavelab 10 pro
iZotope RX 7 Advanced
..and an epic collection of most of the best plugins available.


Unitary – Woke

Acid på svenska, acid, techno, folkmusikChristian Lappalainen – Acid på svenska

WeTheNorth, synthpop, futurepopWe The North – Unhealing

Bitch Boys, punk, kultBitch Boys – Revanschen EP

Viktor Pilkington – Browallia

E Gone – The Third Is A Mountain Which Holds A Dagger

Unitary – Torching Utopia

Avund, black metal, punk, hård musikAvund – Förfall

Viggo Dyst – It’s Just Like Being Under Water

Unitary – Misanthropy II

E Gone – Smokediver EP

Joakim Ehn – Det ena och det andra

We The North & TourdeForce – Split EP

Sirius, Drum & Bass, db, drum n' bassSirius – Bad Trip

Lanturn – Camshauden Wakes

Get in Touch


Phone / WhatsApp

+46 76 777 66 56


Järna, Stockholm, Sweden