I do mastering for most digital platforms, vinyl and CD. I am registered as an Apple Digital Masters Certified Engineer. Your release will be prepared with all meta-data and info which might be needed for your release.
I will master your music using a hybrid setup with some of the best hardware and software ever made for mastering.

Investment: €120 / 1200 SEK

Up to 2 free revisions included.

stem mastering

Are you a modern producer who mixes while you produce? In that case, I recommend that you consider my stem mastering service. I’ve adapted my setup to quickly and easily work with stems which will then be summed either in the box or in analog through a mastering grade signal chain, depending on what’s best for your music.

This allows me to fix issues with your mixes in a more clean and transparent way, often ending up in a much better sounding result!

Investment: €120 / 1200 SEK

Up to 2 free revisions included.

indie mastering

This is for all of you who can't prioritize paying in full for a real mastering service, but still want a good master made in a real mastering studio! It will take more time to receive the master and no, I really can't spend as much time on it as a full paid work, but you will get a good professional master for cheap!

Investment: Most often I try to end up between 25-70% discount from the ordinary price, depending on the project, availability, what's needed etc.

1 free revision included.

Coaching session

Through video chat or live here in the studio. Let's together do a deep dive into your music and see what you can improve! We can look at everything from the first idea of the song to your final mix bus processing. I can help you with workflows, thought processes, mental strategies, get your productions sounding better, and of course also all kinds of more technical details.

Investment: Let's talk!


Send me your music and I'll give you my feedback on it! I will focus my feedback on what I think you would get the most value from. Sometimes I'll send you suggestions for changes in the arrangement, or maybe a bunch of techniques for making the mix sound better. Maybe I hear that you would gain the most by learning a bit more about a certain aspect of music production.

My delivery will be in the form of an email with, for example, a short overview of what I think, some bullet points and a text where I dive into one or a few of the things I noticed. I will also try to answer more questions about my bullet points if you feel the need for it!

Investment: €25 / 250 kr